My husband Jake and I have 3 dogs, two Miniature Dachshund and an Alaskan Malamute….. I know an insane size difference.


Like many people during this time my husband and myself have been working from home. It has been a unique experience, strange in fact.



However, there is one thing that I have absolutely adored… being at home with my dogs!



Each day when we come down the stairs and don’t leave for work their eyes shine. They truly will be the hardest thing to leave.



Indeed, even as I write this, our eldest Miniature Dachshund Rogue is sat on my lap, trying to nudge my hands away from my keyboard for a fuss.



Our love of dogs is something that we put into our designs. In fact we have just launched a new range of items, which cover over 30 different breeds of dogs.



I have popped a couple of things that we offer below, if you do see something you like but not your breed, please drop an email to and we will be happy to see what we can do.





Each plaque has an adorable graphic of the breed followed by the details of their personalities which we fell in love with. Take a look at our new plaque range, below. They make the perfect gift for someone who loves their dogs as much as we do!


We also have a lovely range of mugs. One of my personal favourites is our World’s Best Dog Mum mug (we do offer a Dad version as well, perfect for Father’s Day!) It’s simple black design and the pink rim gives it a lovely feminine feel. At 11oz, it makes the perfect size cup of tea too!

Make Up Bags

As well as a love for my dogs, I also have a love for make-up. With this in mind my husband has created a delightful range of make-up bags with dog themed prints. I love the Dachshund Bone Design and think this makes an ideal gift. We are working on expanding the range to ensure it covers a wider range of doggies, so everyone can find their perfect match.


We have just extended our Reserved For My Dog range to include a wider range of breeds and will be continuing to add to this! If you are looking for something a little less breed related we have some fabulously puny cushions. My dad’s favourite is “I Like Big Mutts & I Cannot Lie” (Its give you an idea of his sense of humour and what I had to grow up with!)


Introducing our dog breed ornaments. These make an ideal keepsake for the person in your life who is as dog crazy as you are. Jake is working hard on the full collection and it will be launched shortly, so watch this space.