Personalise Your Products

We want to provide a much deeper connection with our customers so we offer personalisation to our products. This means you are able to add your own text, colour or photo, it can be anything from a family member your dog or even the contents of a toilet we are not shy here.

Make your products special and if your mate Dave is a twat let him know with a special card with his name on it. Anything goes here.

Below is a gallery of personalised products created so far.

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Pet Lovers gather round. We can digitally apply your animals face and plaster it all over a card for everyone to see. Personal and Fun. We will have many templates to choose from.

Fancy adding a name to the face. We encourage it. Look through our templates and pop a name to us and we will get it done. You can send it to yourself if you want, we won’t judge.
Father Christmas will not be visiting you this year. However he also buys these cards so its a bit hypercritical. Insult your friends, family or just a random person with our personalised naughty cards. We will be updating many templates so choose carefully.

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