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Pug Face Mask Pouch

£5.99 Incl. VAT

Face Mask Not Included

Pug Face Mask Pouch is a textile zip up storage for your face mask. No need to worry about losing your mask or keeping it in your pocket.

All our products are sourced and produced in the UK.

Pug Face Mask Pouch

The Pug Face Mask Pouch is a durable pouch to keep your Face Mask in. With an adorable Pug printed on both sides you can use this pouch with the Morning Cuppa Pug Face Mask, or indeed any other Morning Cuppa Face Mask.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your Face Mask when you are out and about. With the use of these protective face coverings becomming more and more necessary, you need somewhere to keep it safe and clean. That’s where these pouches come in. They are the perfect size to accomodate one of our Morning Cuppa Face Masks. And with the handy key-ring they can be easily attached to a belt loop, keychain or loop inside a handbag. This way you will always have your Mask when you need it.

The pouch measures 12.5cm x 8.5cm so can be used to store a credit card if required.

Best Practice when Using Your Face Mask Pouch

Always store your clean Face Mask in the Pouch whenever you are not using it

When you remove the mask fold it into quarters with the side that goes against your face on the inside. This will prevent cross contamination from the outer side of the mask.

You should Wash your Morning Cuppa Face Masks regularly.

Additional Designs from Morning Cuppa

We have a large selection of unique face mask pouches all designed and printed with permanent inks. We design our Pouches to complement our Face Masks.

All our products are sourced and produced in the UK. We design and print all our products in house so that you get the quality you deserve. Safe and sound.

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