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Rage Stabiliser Mug Blue

£7.49 Incl. VAT

If you know someone who needs their first cuppa in the morning before they can function, then we have the perfect gift. Get them this wonderful mug! It is guaranteed to raise and smile.

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Rage Stabiliser Mug Blue

Everyone knows someone who needs to have their first cuppa in the morning before they can do anything. Maybe you are one of those people (Don’t worry its not a bad thing!) Get this fantastic mug, just let people know to let you have rage stabiliser!

Caring for your Morning Cuppa Mug

This beautiful and unique mug is made from quality ceramic. Completely dishwasher safe, it is also easy for you to wash in hot soapy water.
But, please do not use an abrasive on the surface as this could scratch the surface and spoil the look.

We have tested our mugs for durability (we all have them) and can confirm that they wash easily. They still look great even after hundreds of cups of tea and coffee has been drunk from them! And trust me, we drink a lot of tea and coffee here at MC!

This mug is sure to give pleasure for many years to come

Go on, you know you want to buy this Rage Stabiliser Mug Blue!

All our Mugs are shipped in a Mug Mailer to fully protect it during the delivery process, so you can be assured it will arrive in excellent condition

Our Goals

All our products are tested and checked to offer a high level of customer service and high quality product.

We ensure that we are providing a product that continues to maintain less waste with continued use within a persons life. Our goal is to make that all our gifts are forever gifts in spite of that we use higher quality products.

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